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The driving force behind CanaGlobal, the world's first faith-driven venture studio. A prodigious 6x serial entrepreneur, Gerald is nothing short of a luminary in the venture studio domain. While many venture capitalists and advisors remain content in the stands, Gerald is fiercely present on the field, paving the way. 


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{Re} Imagining Everything. 

In a climate of rising censorship and cultural marxism, I could foresee a time when Christians would be forced out of jobs their because of their commitment to faith and freedom.

Like Noah, we are funding, empowering and inspiring the creation of a global parallel economy, an ARK. A faith-driven ecosystem for spirit-filled entrepreneurs full of faith. This show is about what it takes to build faith-driven companies at scale.

No BS. Just Truth. 

"I have no words to tell how insightful these videos are. Growth with God's perspective and your guidance is so helpful to common people like me. Thank you so much Gerald for taking out your precious time to give us such inputs."

Jamuna Kutty

"Great point Gerald Duran. If we have lack, it isn't because God is withholding, it's because we have not received - in faith - what He offers."

Brenton Collyer
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Understanding Life's Desert Seasons

Feb 14, 2024

Faith-Driven entrepreneurs, can you have what you want in life?

Feb 13, 2024

The difference between faith and wishful thinking.

Feb 07, 2024

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